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At The Fuse Creative Marketing we know your online brand needs to be engaging from the moment it opens to grab your audience and reduce bounce rates. It needs to communicate who you are and what you are selling – service, solutions, products. It needs to generate leads or sales. Our creative minds will design you a pretty website to capture your customers’ attention, our strategic brains will make sure we engage them with your marketing message and our technical know-how will ensure it all happens seamlessly giving your potential customer a great user experience.

By combining all these elements we will make sure your custom designed and built website is a powerful marketing tool to promote your business and build brand awareness.

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How We Work

Our strategic brains kick in first, understanding what you want your website to achieve, we will also take in to account your marketing plan and how it fits within this. What is the aim of the site – to generate enquiries, to sell services or products? We will make sure your aims are not lost within the process… attract, convert, retain… SELL.

Making sure your site fits within your brand identity is really important but also your “Call to Actions” (CTAs).

Once you’ve engaged your customer how do you make sure they get in touch or follow through. This is why we don’t just build pretty websites but ones that work.

Creating the content is not a problem our team and associates can provide all you need if you’d like us to. We can write copy carefully scripted for those tricky Google bots (other bots are available) but also readable for the humans who buy your services and products.

Photography really can make a massive difference to a website or any marketing material.

Our associate photographers are used to working with us and our clients so we make sure any photoshoots, are not only perfect for the website, but also any other marketing material you may need now or in the future. The same applied to video, making sure it is engaging with a story board, a purpose and a CTA.

The Fuse Creative Marketing is a creative marketing agency with multi disciplines which means we can maintain the consistency of your brand throughout your marketing material. From your website to print to inhouse correspondence.
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