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Hi there, we're sorry for the lack of updates! We are really busy working with our lovely clients and haven't had time to blog. We are the plumbers with the leaky tap!

April 2013

YDMT Hay Time Appeal

I don't usually post articles other that what is going on at The Fuse, but I do think this one is worth breaking the pattern for. I'm going to a YDMT event on Wednesday 17th April to see what The Fuse can do to help. Its not that long since these beautiful flowers disappeared, I can remember haymaking and there being lots of different species of flowers and grasses – and I'm not THAT old!!

In the UK 97% of our hay meadows have been lost in the last 50 years. These precious and complex habitats are teeming with up to 120 species of plants and are home to some of the UK’s most rare wildflowers and bumblebees.

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is fighting to save the precious few remaining hay meadows in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the most scarce and threatened habitats in Europe.

If we don’t act now these vibrant ecosystems will vanish from our countryside forever.  

It costs only £1,000 to restore a meadow and protect the hundreds of species of wildlife they support. Please help save a meadow by donating now at  www.ydmt.org/haytimeappeal

March 2013

StandWell its not all websites – and now for something different! We designed an exhibition stand for our clients who were attending a mining show abroad = they kindly sent us a piccy with a thank you when they were set up – Good luck to them, hope its a really successful show.

February 2013

Well we didn't have a quiet start to the new year! Its been website central here. In one week alone we set 4 websites live. OK we didn't build them all in one week, apart from one! Designed, built and populated in less than 5 days.

Check out www.huntingtonross.co.uk nice clean simple site that says what they do. I can say as well Neil is great for simple easy to understand financial advice, even I understand him and as a creative, numbers are not my strong point, I can't remember my telephone number half the time!

We also worked with Ben Faulkes an estate agent in York. He wanted a brand creating that was simple but strong. His business is no nonsense – straight talking, get the job done kind of company (where has he pinched that from I wonder!). Once designing him a simple strong brand we then designed stationery, business cards and obviously For Sale / Sold signs. We also designed and built his website which has specialist Content Management System (CMS) integrated which is used by the estate agent. Its a great site – www.benfaulkesandco.com another business I would have no trouble recommending if you are selling a property in the York area.

We have also completed the annual revamp of Get Ahead Hats website, this year the site got a complete overall and redesign to compliment their updated brand. As always there are some great hats on there, worth a look ladies. www.getaheadhats.co.uk The website also has some nice functionalities, a gallery feature showcasing the hats, search for your nearest showroom feature complete with directions and links to Google maps.

And finally in February we set www.northernenergy.co.uk live. Its a beast of a site with nearly 100 pages. But then there is a lot of information to explain to customers. Northern Energy are an independent oil and LPG supplier, a really great family run business – another get the job done kind of business! Have a look at their refreshed website, its much cleaner than their old one and hopefully easier to navigate around and find the info you need – let me know what you think.

We didn't build all these in February, we did start some before Christmas, but its great when they come together and go live – they did seem a bit like buses this month though!

January 2013

Happy new year folks! So what's your new year resolution? Mine is to remember to tweet more! Fancy following me @caththefuse. Can promise even with the new years resolution I won't be filling your inbox up that much!!

December 2012

There's a new kid on the estate agency block, we are busy doing his branding, website, sale boards, brochures and other marketing material he needs to set up in the new year – watch this space to find out who is taking the property market by storm.

Just finished the Birstwith Horticultural Society website for them, ready in plenty of time for next years show on 27th July 2013! Check it out on this link www.birstwithshow.com. Nice simple friendly site is what they asked for.

November 2012

People are getting ready for Christmas – well a few, some Christmas campaigns under way. Hope the Christmas cheers isn't going to disappear this year!

We have completed the audio download for the Long Preston gang, if you ever wanted to know what they wet boggy bit is on the A64 before you get to Settle have a listen here www.longprestonwetgrasslandproject.co.uk

We are officially multi lingual! Currently working on brochures in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Dutch!! Anyone what to put our skills to the test?

October 2012

It's funny where you can meet new clients, I found one on a sun lounger in Turkey!! Great lady who offers similar services to us, but doesn't have the creative team, so we are happy to fill that gap for her. Trips to Coventry now to meet – not quite as nice as the pool side in Olu Deniz!

Busy month, we are working on 3 large websites – large as in number of pages, and some great functionalities such as 360 pano images. All looking good, I'll post the links when they are ready, I know I'll be ready for my hols at the end of the month!

September 2012

Just spent another lovely day in the Dales with YDMT team Š this time we were recording various people who have been involved in the Long Preston Wet Grassland Project. WeÕll make this into an audio download to go on the website. It was good fun and the sun shone again!

August 2012

Great news, we have just been selected (from a large filed I am told!) to be the new marketing partner fro Mowden Electronics for the next year. We are going to be working with them as they grow - big plans. Refeshing the brand, working on sales and marketing strategies, websites, brochures. The whole project Š itÕs going to be a busy year!

Its one of those months August, when everyone is on holiday! Me included, looking forward to my week in sunny Spain (can we remember sunshine?!). DonÕt you find though, you spend the week before rushing to get all your work done before you go and the week after catching up!! It must be worth it Š isnÕt it!!??

July 2012

We have another international client! Flexim based in the Netherlands have a fantastic product, even I good giddy when I saw the potential. ItÕs a roof putty, not mixing motar you just take the putty and stick the tiles to it (well there may be a bit more to it Š but it looks pretty simple to me!) it adhere in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, doesnÕt crack or split. ItÕs used all over the world and now itÕs coming to the UK. We are helping them to translate their material for the UK market, re-styling the packaging, brochures and other marketing support material. You can see them at the Harrogate Home and Renovation show in November. ItÕs for the trade market, so any roofers or builders who want to know more let me know.

June 2012

Well the weathers not great but business is! Working on a great project with Iain Downs Š canÕt say what shhh! But wow! As soon as I can I will! He is most definitely the brains of the project, we are just making things look pretty!

OK this one is random, but do you need a wig? If so visit www.peterharthairclinic.co.uk his site is live, with 100Õs of wigs to choose from for men, women and children. Based locally in York, but he can despatch to anywhere in the world.

Very exciting news, I have just started a new partnership with Matthew and Andrea Walwyn. I have know them both for a new years (I went to China to walk the Great Wall with Andrea for charity), both of them have worked extensively in the food industry and as it is a passion we all share we have joined forces to help businesses Š producers, suppliers, catering, hotels, restaurants, really any body in the food and drink industry. The new company is called Blakester & Wallers. We will be helping business to grow, with branding, marketing (thatÕs my bit!) sales, business structuring (thatÕs Andrea) food development, training, structuring for selling to the big boys Š supermarkets etc (thatÕs Matthew). So between us we make a good team!

May 2012

You may have a talent, even a gift – but apparently that is not enough to succeed according to Roger Black, Olympic athlete and medal winner. To be honest to run faster, row faster, jump further than anyone else I thought that was talent! But you need more, and he said the same is of business. You could be the best, have a talent, but you need drive, focus, commitment and dedication to achieve set goals or you won't achieve your best or even survive. What he also said which I found thought provoking was you don't have to win the Gold medal to achieve your goals.

He has won gold and he has won silver, the medal he holds dearest is a silver he won when he came second to Michael Johnson in 1996 400m, but he ran his best ever race – he had a strategy, planned the race, trained, focused, and ran the perfect race of his life. So the message is we don't have to be the top dog, the biggest business in our industry – we just have to do what we do to our very best, set goals, and achieve the goals we set ourselves.

That may be to be the biggest agent/company in your field, it might be to just do what you do the best. But the final message was what ever your goal make sure you enjoy doing what you do…

I never knew I had Olympic tendencies – Ok, so its not the body of an athlete, but I can proudly say I have the mind of an athlete – I sooo love what I do!

Networking – what does it mean to you? Early mornings, dodgy cooked breakfast, creeping death round the table as you have to reinvent every week who you are and what you do to try and keep it interesting to the same people!? I am not a natural networker, too shy and not enough self confidence doesn't make it an enjoyable experience. But I have found a group that attend regularly where it is actually enjoyable! We meet fortnightly, we chat informally about our work what we've been up to and generally get to know each other, we network for each other and we support each other in business.

So no dodgy breakie this week, we went for a walk – netwalking in Yorkshire. It was surprisingly a beautiful day, no rain and we had a great time. Made connections with new people and we are hoping to work together. And even better we had a fantastic meal at the end at the Pipe and Glass near Beverley, Michelin pub of the year 2012 – wow what great food. Now that's networking at its best! Get in touch if it sounds like a group you would like to join, tell me a bit about you and your business and we will see if you are a fit for the group.

April 2012

Are you ready for the new cookie law?
In May new EU legislation requires website owners by UK law to ask for users permission to place cookies on their devices.
What are cookies? They are text coding that downloads to your device (PC, laptop, i pad, phones etc) and sends information to the website, this then recognises you on subsequent visits and helps you to have a better experience on the website. It also allows the owner of the website to know who has visited their site and their journey so they can improve their site. There isn't any thing big brother about it, the cookies don;t know who you are, just if you are a new visitor or returning and where you are based – UK, europe etc.
The ICC has put together a Cookie guide which gives much more in depth info, which can be downloaded from this link: ICC Cookie Guide. If that’s just a bit too much info and you are getting confused, then try our simpler version. The Fuse Guide to Cookies. Still not sure, get in touch with us, we would be happy to help, it doesn't matter if we didn't build your site, manage or host it. We can still help you.

At last I attended the Learning to Listen event - it was amazing. Sarah does taster session so you can see what it is all about because to be honest it really is one of those concepts that you have to see to understand and appreciate fully what it can achieve. In a nut shell it is leadership and team building skills Š but with a difference.

I would say anyone leading a team of people must go, and anyone who has a team who even if you think they work well together would really benefit and understand each members skills and weaknesses which builds a more efficient and happier team.

March 2012

Get Mentoring is a new government initiative to help small and medium size business get off the ground and grow.

Running a business on your own does have its challenges as well as its rewards and the biggest challenge most business owners says is it can be lonely working through business problems on your own Š sometimes we just need someone to bounce ideas off and some encouragement doesn't go a miss! On Tuesday 6th of March I am attending a Get Mentoring training session. I think it sits really neatly next to the marketing and business development work we offer our clients.
Let me know
if you want any more information.

Went to the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber dinner at York racecourse. I was very kindly invited by Richard Wiles of Wiles chartered surveyors. Had to buy a new dress Š oh no!! What a shame. Gyles Brandreth was the speaker, what a laugh he was Š spoke without any hesitation for 45 mins and kept everyone engaged, very clever.

February 2012

Been to National Archives in Kew with Tim Hardy to do a photo shoot, long drive there and back but it was great – got some fantastic photos, Tim really gets some great angles to make interesting photos. Can’t wait to work these into the brochure and website.

Hurray! Congratulations to The Dale Stores Birstwith, they have just been awarded best local shop and post office in Yorkshire!!! www.dalestores.co.uk Really proud of them, we have worked together for along time with branding, marketing material and websites for Dale Stores and AJS Food. We love their products, especially the AJs caramelized red onion chutney!!

We are so proud!! Not just us that likes Ajs and Dale Stores! www.ajsfood.co.uk has just been short listed for best website of the year with Ackrills Business Awards 2012 – Fingers crossed soooo want to win!! Also Dale Stores has been short listed for best rural business. Exciting...

January 2012

Happy new year! Lets hope there isn’t too much talk of double dip recessions and the like, lets all go guns blazing into 2012 and work our way out of the recession!

Lots going on, some really nice projects we are working on with existing clients. Also pitching this month on our big tender....

December 2011

The speech at the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust went really well – we got a great response to the work we have been doing with them from supporters. The weather was great, the group enjoyed a walk in the Valley of Desolation (more beautiful than it sounds!), plus some lovely food courtesy of the Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey.

December is always a strange trading month for most businesses I think, we have kept busy, quite a lot of clients gearing up for the new year.

We have been asked to tender for a great project which we working hard on the proposal for – can’t say too much at this stage but its international and we have been short listed to the final two!!!

November 2011

Not happy! Got food poisoning and canÕt go to the Learning to Listen Event. Sarah has invited me to go at a later date so IÕll update you then.

Just been asked by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to speak at their annual event, 90 people going Š not good at stand up presentations, bit out of my comfort zone. Deep breath and IÕll be fine!

October 2011

Spent a glorious sunny day at the end of September photographing jars or pickles and jams for AJs Food online store. Site is built and Matthew is busy typing and uploading the products. Need a hamper or just great products from Yorkshire Š have a look at www.ajsfood.co.uk

Just booked to go to the Learning to Listen open day in November. I know I am biased as I love horses, but this looks like an incredible coaching technique. Check out her website www.learningtolisten.co.uk

September 2011

People are getting ready for Christmas and winter campaigns already. The next set of mailers for Northern Energy are designed and printed, ready to be mailed out. We are looking at Christmas brochures for our jewellery client, and we have just finished adding Christmas party nights to a website in Bristol and getting ready with the marketing campaign!

Phase two of Long Preston is getting under way, hopefully not too much out door work to do until the summer! Currently working on a podcast, which I can do in doors!

Well as September closes The Fuse has just completed itÕs second year. We have had a great year and enjoyed all the hard work. Helps that we do genuinely have some great clients we love working with Š here's to year 3!

August 2011

Summer hols! Mixed blessings, ready for a break and a little bit of sunshine, but hate leaving the business!! Must be becoming a work addict Š well I can take my iphone and keep an eye on emails, calls as I lie in the sun

Back from hols and have a diary of meetings. Catching up with members of Goose to see what we can do to help each other.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is creating their own calendar this year. The Trust is a charity who deliver a diverse range of projects around the Yorkshire Dales, protecting habitats, planting trees, and helping communities. I have worked with them for a lot of years. The calendars are quite an investment for them to produce so I have offered to design and create them for free to help them get off the ground. The images they have been given are fantastic, you can buy a copy at www.ydmt.org or there is a link on our website home page.

July 2011

The Fuse has gone international! We now have our first client in Alicante Spain. Great for meetings! Š well thatÕs where the wonders of modern technology come in Š skype and email!

Michael is going on a course today Š SEO. Refreshing his knowledge and learning any new tricks for the websites we build.

June 2011

I have been asked to attend the LEADER event at Fountains Abbey where the new coast to coast bike route will be officially launched. It looks amazing, Neil Huntingdon of Huntingdon Ross IFA is riding the route for Cancer Charity this weekend Š good luck Neil. Sorry I canÕt make it, IÕm hmm washing my hair??!!?!

Working hard in partnership with a great lady called Laura Crocken Stevens, we met through a client in London and worked really well together and we now have 2 new clients we are working with, down in Bristol. Buildstore is one client, Laura is promoting their workshops for people who want to do a new build and renovation project. Worth a visit if you are planning either!

May 2011

Collingham its to have its own beer festival this year, funds raised will go to the Prada Willi Syndrome www.pwsa.co.uk. We have been asked to create the website, which we are delighted to do to help the cause. Looking forward to tasting those beers! www.collinghamrealalefestival.co.uk

Bottle Alley Glass is a fantastic company who take empty glass bottles, crush them down and bake them to create sheets of really robust glass that can be used for tiles, splashbacks, cladding on walls, its great. We are working on the launch event, lots of things going on, a website of course www.bottlealleyglass.co.uk, brochure, banners stands, invites, eshots, and PR. Keeping us busy!

April 2011

The launch of Long Preston Wet Grassland Project is this month. The website is now complete www.longprestonwetgrasslandproject.co.uk This is definitely the longest domain name weÕve had!! We have also completed the newsletter, Interpretation panels (although waiting for a dry day to fit those!!) and a trail map is just going to print. ItÕs been a big project but really great to work on.

I went to the Mafia Drinks event on the 20th Š I went with a member from the Goose networking group I go to, safety in numbers!! Well we had a good time, not sure how beneficial to work it was, met some interesting people and you never know who you can help or can help you!.

March 2011

Business is all about how it looks Š thatÕs why your brand is so important. But its about more than how the business looks and how you look too! We are working with a Gents stylist Beverley De Col, designing and building a brand and website for her Š best smarten up for the meeting with her! You can see the site at www.beverleydecol.co.uk

Things are hotting up at Get Ahead Hats Š this year is definitely the year of the hat with the Royal weddings coming up. Some of Get Head Hats have already been booked for THE royal wedding Š its very exciting. All the girls are now trained in Twitter and Facebook, and lots of their hats images are being requested for magazines. Looks like a busy year for us Š a good combination of traditional marketing, social media and PR.

February 2011

Well it is well and truly winter, one of the coldest on record. Northern Energy have been kept incredibly busy delivering oil and LPG right up until Christmas eve to make sure their customers have fuel for Christmas. A lot of people have been let down by the larger companies Š but thatÕs where the smaller businesses shine I feel. Like us Northern Energy know all their customers so itÕs personal and the girls on the phones donÕt what Mr and Mrs Smith to be cold because they know them. At the Fuse itÕs the same, we know our customers so when they have a last minute panic we care and make sure they have what they need. Often means working past 5.30 but we make it happen!

January 2011

Welcome back to work!! Its hard getting back into that routine, but come on we can do it!!

Straight back into work this morning, readying Wetherby Business Supplies website for going live, phase two underway for Completelifestyle.co.uk – never a better time to sign up than today!!!

Have a great year!

December 2010

Well some say December is a cold month for businesses, but not for us, not sure if I will have time to sit down for Christmas lunch!! Well that’s my excuse so I can get out of peeling those spuds!

Long Preston project is really coming along, their brand has been well received by all the partners and people in the area. We had an event in the summer where we went read cutting – great thing to do on a hot summer day! The first newsletter is complete and we have just about completed the interpretation boards which will be put up around the area in local pubs, shops, the train stations and on walks. Shame the boards are now ready to erect when we have had the most snow and coldest winter for decades, poor Mark, and his team at DeSigns that have to dig the hole!! Think I’ll keep away that day! It really is a great project and team to work with. Also the new year will see their website go live – I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Christmas – here’s to a successful and happy new year for everyone.

November 2010

I’ve joined a really good networking group this year called “Goose group”, there are about 20 of us, the group meets near York, we are all business owners, who are focused on growth. They are a great bunch, we have a good laugh, support each other with business advise as well as network for each other. We have just built a new website for one of the members Jamie Winspear at Oakhouse Construction. Take a look at www.ohgroupuk.com.

Complete Lifestyle all 12 guides are now complete and back from the printers and ready to go out to members. We have also built the first phase of the website, where you can sign up or find out more about Complete Lifestyle. Phase two should be complete in the new year – so much writing to do, poor Debbie!! www.completelifestyle.co.uk

October 2010

Wow we have completed a full year as The Fuse – what a busy year it has been. And in the wise words of a friend and business  associate of mine “Business is Great”. No it really is! We have worked with some really great people and helped get some new businesses off the ground which is really rewarding. Seen others grow or take a new direction and prosper.

What else have I done recently – oh well only walked the great wall of China!! Ok, well not all of it! I have just completed a 5 day trek on the wall, walking about 10 hours a day, I have never seen so many steps, hills – it was really hard work, but so rewarding. My friend and I raised about £8,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre which made it all worth while – oh and that and the foot massage at the end!!

September 2010

Come back from your hols feeling like you over indulged!!!

I know I did but it was great to have a break. I have met a new client, Debbie Saxton of Complete Lifestyle! No gimmicks or fads, its really based on common sense that most of us know but choose to ignore or we forget when we get caught up in our busy lives. Basically it is how to eat, move and think your way to a better life. We have create a brand style for Debbie and we are currently working on 12 issues of a guide which educates you gradually on how to live your live healthier. We will also be building a website as soon as the guides are complete – I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve done them... we now have some great new mailers ready for Northern Energy,  we are focusing on what a great service they offer, delivering in all that rubbish weather we had last winter. Looking after the elderly and rewarding their customers for loyalty by paying the VAT on all fuel deliveries – quite on offer!

This month I met with a long established business in Knaresborough, Saffron Scientific, part of the GSPK group. The lead came from a recommendation from a customer which is really nice. We are currently reviewing their complete marketing strategy and the tools we will need to promote them going forward.

August 2010

Congratulations to Michael and Michelle on the safe arrival of baby Matthew!

We have just completed and put live a website for Laura Crocken Stevens, an amazing lady. She is a sales catalyst, who like the The Fuse becomes part of the businesses she works for, really getting a full understanding of what they want to achieve, working with them and training them so that they can eventually stand alone – Laura has made a huge difference to the companies she has worked for. We created a company brand for her and built the website which is now live www.salescatalyst.co.uk

Morecambe Bay Wildlife Network has its first newsletter available to download on their webpage www.morecambebaywildlifenetwork.co.uk.

July 2010

What a busy month, no time to enjoy the sunshine.
E4 Structures a plastics moulding company over in the west, restructured and repositioned their business within their industry, which meant they needed a rebrand to reflect this. E4 use only recycled plastic, even recycling their own waste plastic that is trimmed off their moulds, even the dustings that is filed off.

Townsends Fine Jewellers have had one of their biggest and best sales ever – we created all the adverts and invites which they had a huge response to.

YDMT now have some snazzy new pin badges for members and donations to the Yorkshire Dales. Go to www.ydmt.org to donate and receive one. RnB Mailings had all their staff “shot”! Tim Hardy helped me with this project and we got some fantastic images of their machinery, all in readiness for their new website we are building and for newsletters and PR releases.

It may be warm but Northern Energy are cranking up the heat on their marketing activity, we have been planning their winter campaign, designing new mail shots and updating their website. Before you know it, we will be knee deep in snow!!

AJs had their first stall at the Birstwith Horticultural Society Show, it was a huge success and I had great fun selling chutneys, jams and pickles. It is such a great brand and products to work with and Matthew and Andrea are lovely people, which makes it all good fun!!

June 2010

The BBQ Season is Well and Truly Upon us Now.
We have been working with Blazing Barbecues to launch their new venture BBQ Bootcamp. These fun filled work shops show you how to BBQ like a professional, so no more burnt bangers for me, just beautifully cooked roast chicken – yes whole, chocolate muffins and even Yorkshire puddings!! Want to sign up? Email Andy Annat direct on info@blazingbarbecues.com or call on 07702 478 409. It makes an excellent gift.

May 2010

Harrogate Business Market
Another resounding success Š well done to Brian and the team who organised it. Everyone who I spoke to were glad they had attended or exhibited. There was a definite air of positivity in the building, people of Yorkshire are doing business and glad to be! We are hoping next year to have our own stand Š look forward to seeing you there!

April 2010

We are entrepreneurial Š its official!
Harrogate apparently has the most small to medium entrepreneurial enterprises in its area than any other town in the UK!! The Fuse Creative are officially recognised as one of those businesses! We were recently invited by the Institute of Directors to enter for their award for Entrepreneurial Business of the Year and we also featured in the local business paper, with a rather hastily taken photo of me (wish I had, had time to have a hair cut!!). To view the article click here.

Our fundraising is going really well for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre. The total is building up nicely, but we arenÕt there yet!! WeÕve had lots of events, from a Chinese New Year party, auction of priceless promises, a Masterchef evening, shopping night, cake stalls and lots of events to come. If you would like to look at images and have a laugh at me please feel free to visit my page at Justgiving Š please feel free to donate whilst you are there!

March 2010

Morecombe Bay Wildlife Network has set up a project group to promote the area and the wetland for both wildlife and the local community Š especially working with farmers. Very similar to Long Preston project and on the back of the work we have done there, we were awarded the project to design an identity and a flyer to explain their vision. You can see the brand style in the portfolio. Watch the space for further developments!

WeÕve had a good start to the year, with some excellent projects to work on. We recently completed the new website for Get Ahead Hats Š they have had excellent feedback from customers and the ladies who hold franchises. The Gallery has been especially well received, take a look at www.getaheadhats.co.uk

Some of you may be aware that Michael has been off work after a major operation removing a tumor from his tongue and glands from his neck. After a 10 hour operation and some unbelievable reconstruction work using veins from his arm, we are really pleased to have Michael back at work fighting fit Š with a clean bill of health!! Fantastic news. And he has more good news to share Š Michelle his wife is expecting their first baby in August! Excellent news all round.

January 2010

Well it looks set to be a busy year at The Fuse, with lots of exciting projects going on.

As well as work I am some how going to find time to raise £3,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Centre! In September 2010 I am doing a sponsored trek in China with Andrea from AJ's at The Academy, and I need to raise money. So if anyone has any fund raising ideas please feel free to drop me a line with suggestions cath@thefuse.co.uk or maybe you would like to sponsor me? You can do this online too at www.justgiving.com/catherine-blakey

As always we love supporting the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, instead of sending out Christmas cards we sent an e-card and planted a tree in the Dales with the trust. You can buy a tree as a gift Š perfect pressie if you don't know what to buy someone, or an excellent corporate gift. Give them a call on 015242 51002. Let them know Cath at The Fuse sent you!

We will be supporting Nola at the NEC in Birmingham where she will be launching her new product The Gloven Š the ultimate heat resistant oven glove. A brilliant product made from the same material as F1 clothes (nearest I'll get to wearing an F1 outfit, not sure if it makes you cook faster, but it certainly stops you from burning your hands!!)

A really nice project we are working on is the Long Preston Wetlands Project, we are creating a logo identity and interpretation boards amongst other items to encourage visitors to the area to make a day out. If you are interested in birds, wildlife and nature it's a great place to visit. Lots of nice pubs in the area too for lunch!

Location: Long Preston, south of Settle in Craven North Yorkshire. (Off the A64)


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